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2020-04-12 Easter

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
    He is risen! Alleluia!
    The recording of our Easter service will be available online starting at Midnight Easter morning through all three sites (details here). I want to encourage you to download and print a PDF copy of the Easter service order which is available now, in the Olive Branch Newsletters list on our website (direct link here). This will enable you to follow along and participate in the Easter service when you watch the recording tomorrow.
    Also, we want to make you aware of a recording of a 15-20 minute Easter Concertina that Kathy Brammeier played on our organ. You should be able to view from our Facebook page, Website, or our MOLCSMusic YouTube channel.
    We want to remind you that we will be offering the Lord’s Supper on a drive through basis Easter morning at 9:00 am. Please see the email blast you were sent recently regarding our drive through communion or our website for instructions on how we will safely accomplish the drive through communion distribution.
    HOWEVER  DO  NOTEWe have said in other communications that our drive through communion is weather dependentand if it is windy or rainy we would not celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Howeverbecause the weather forecast for this Easter weekend does include a significant possibility of rain and because we were unable to have the drive through communion on Maundy Thursday evening due to wind, we are determined to celebrate the Supper for Easter, if at all possible. Accordingly, it is our plan to have canopies erected in the parking lot to protect the celebration from the rain. So, unless we are in the midst of a full scale thunderstorm, the drive through communion will proceed Easter Sunday despite any rain.
    Lord Jesus, You are our risen Savior in whom we have forgiveness of sins and the certainty of our own resurrection and eternal life. Bless all the members of Your body that make up Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and School. Strengthen our faith and life of faith by way of Your Word. Even though our physical bodies may be scattered to our homes because of the CoViD-19 pandemic, as You gather us in Easter worship, You do so in Your name. Therefore you gather us into Your presence and gather us together [Matthew 18:20] to grant us Your gifts. Despite our outward circumstances, help us now and always to rejoice in You. Amen.
    Blessings, Pastor Mark

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