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Pastor Mark Kleckner to retire, March 1, 2022

Pastor Mark Kleckner announces his intention to retire from active parish ministry and as the pastor of Mount Olive Lutheran Church and School the day before Ash Wednesday in 2022 (target date of Tuesday, March 1st, 2022).

Pastor Mark has served Mount Olive since 2018. His decision to retire, after a great deal of prayer and conversation with the board of elders, stems from two main factors: not in a health crisis at the moment, but experiencing challenges (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), and a feeling that the gifts and talents bestowed by the Lord are not the best match to the needs of the congregation and school in their current ministry, nor in the immediate future.

Pastor Mark's primary concern is what is in the best interest of accomplishing Jesus' mission of making disciples through Mt. Olive both now and into the future. Please continue to pray for Pastor Mark, wife Kimberly and Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and School in the remaining weeks of our mutual ministry.

Pastor's full letter to the congregation and school communities is posted here.

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