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Congregational Prayer List - Information Requested

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ at Mt. Olive,

    We have had a fairly large number of people who have been on our congregational prayer list for quite some time. While we certainly are enjoined by God’s Word to pray for all people, I want to make sure that our list is up to date. To that end, I would appreciate receiving information from members of the congregation with regard to the people listed below. For each one I would like to know the following:

            Their relationship to Mt. Olive (member, related to a member, friend of a member, and the like).

            What their current condition or situation is (illness, injury, treatment, needs, and the like).

            Who is making a specific request for the person to remain on the prayer list (and for how long).


        Kathy Logsdon

        Lucas McNeeley

        Dale Foltman

        Dale Curtice

        Bill Nelson

        Bill, Joan Koch’s brother

        John Light’s girlfriend

        David West

        Joan Erickson

        Debbie Holseid

        Gretchen Versteeg

        Michael Sturgeon

        Kathryn Sprecher

        Pastor Jim Stogdill

        Sandi Jones

        Matthew Wallace

    Just to be clear, we are happy to continue to pray for any of these people, if a Mt. Olive member currently requests it.  Also, if you have any information on any of these individuals, please send it to me (text to 515-721-4737 or email to mark.kleckner@molcs.org). I would appreciate receiving this information by February 14 – Valentine’s Day. Please, do NOT assume that someone else will do it. I would rather hear from 15 people with the same information rather than not hearing from anyone with the info. If you have information please share it, even if you are NOT requesting that the person remain on the active prayer list.

    Thank you for your time and help with this!       


Pastor Mark

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