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Cross & Tower Decommissioning Prayer

 Friday (22nd), the Cross & tower above the sanctuary of Mt. Olive, which was damaged in the derecho, is scheduled to be taken down. We hope to preserve the cross itself, but that will depend on its condition.


As a thanks to God and as an act of "decommissioning" the cross & tower, let us pray the following:

Lord Jesus, we thank You for our salvation -- forgiveness & eternal life -- earned for us through Your holy life and innocent suffering and death for us on the cross. What You have done gives us the status of being holy children in the sight of God. Earthly images of the cross are not holy in and of themselves, but they do serve the sacred purpose of reminding us of what You have done for us and our relationship with You as the incarnate, living God. 

We thank You for Mt. Olive's exterior cross and tower which have held up before our eyes for many years a visible reminder of You, our Savior, and our salvation. We now commend back to You all of the materials in the cross and tower as they are removed from service. 

Keep safe all those who will be involved in its deconstruction. Guide and bless all those who will be involved in the design and construction of its replacement. In Your holy name, Amen.


Rev. Mark D. Kleckner, Pastor
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church & School
5625 Franklin Avenue, Des Moines IA 50310
cell: 515-721-4737
church: 515-277-8349

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