Mount Olive Lutheran School

About Us​

Mount Olive Lutheran School is a 3 year old preschool through eighth grade school that is accredited by the state of Iowa and NLSA that offers a family environment centered on Jesus’s love. Mount Olive provides a high quality education in a Christian environment by teachers who reflect Christ’s love to children daily. Mount Olive teaches to the whole child by offering a traditional education that includes Physical education, music, Spanish and art twice a week, while integrating technology into the day via Smartboards, iPads, Chromebooks and multiple web-based programs.


Our Mission

The mission of Mount Olive Lutheran School is to foster an attitude of lifelong learning and to equip the student with skills necessary for productive Christian citizenship – to provide an education for now and for eternity.

Why Choose Us

When current families are asked why they would recommend Mount Olive to a friend, these are often the reasons they cite: 

  • Jesus-centered education
  • Small class size
  • Family-like atmosphere
  • Committed teachers and staff who lovingly care for the needs of each individual student and family
  • Play and project based learning in K-2nd grade
  • Emphasis on character development, social skills, and grace-based classroom management
  • Technology integration in all grade levels
  • Exceptional preparation for high school