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Mite Bytes Mission News

The Big Mite Box is in the gathering area of the church to collect your mites, which we will be sending in mid-November. Thank you for your faithful giving.

This month we are highlighting Iowa District West Grant #4 -- Serving Hungry Children With Meals and The Gospel -- $12,000

Jesus commanded the disciples to feed the hungry people who had come to hear him speak in Matthew 14:13-20

Mercy Meals of Siouxland has made feeding the hungry their mission since 2012. As many as 14,000 children worldwide, die each day of starvation, most not knowing our Lord. Mercy Meals are packaged by volunteers at Faith Lutheran Church in Sioux City. The scientifically designed formula contains rice, soy, and a nutrient-filled vegetable powder that helps malnourished children thrive. Mercy Meals hopes to package 350,000 meals in 2020. Delivering meals in the U.S. and around the world, through Christian organizations, assures that children and their families hear about Jesus our Lord, and receive nutritious food. To volunteer for packaging events, email Larry Joines at mercymealsofsiouxland@gmail.com

Merciful Lord, You execute justice for the oppressed and give food to the hungry. Multiply these mites we give to supply and deliver life-saving meals through the service of Mercy Meals of Siouxland, and open the hearts of those who receive Your goodness, that they may also receive You as the Bread of Life, and the nourishment of their faith for Your praise. Amen

Check out the pictures in the full-color flyer about this mission grant

For up-to-date news about all of our district's mission grants, go to the Iowa District West LWML website

This month we are also highlighting national LWML 2019-2021 Mission Grant 4 - God's Grace for This Generation - LAMP Ministries - $100,000

LAMP Ministry Inc. has ministered for nearly 50 years in northern Canada where many villages are reachable only by aircraft or seasonal roads. Currently, nearly one million Indigenous people live in these isolated areas with about half of them under the age of 14. The most alarming statistic is that over 15 percent of children and youth will actually take their own lives out of despair and hopelessness. When LAMP goes into these communities with VBS, Bible studies, and personal witnessing, these communities will have access to Christian education for faith in Christ. In order to fulfill their mission of sharing the gospel in the next few years, LAMP will need to expand their staff of full-time missionary pilots to four or five. LAMP will need to recruit and train 100 to 200 more volunteer missionaries committed to serve at least five years. This grant will provide the funds to help LAMP reach their goal. 

Check out the wonderful pictures and more about what this mission grant will accomplish at this link

Please go to the LWML website and look at all the resources! It’s full of free, downloadable materials for everyone, including Bible studies, devotions, and inspirational stories from mission grant recipients about the impact of the grants they received.

There are activities for helping others while sharing the Gospel. You can listen to podcasts of devotions and Bible studies on your phone or computer. We thank you and encourage you to continue helping us spread the Good News. Go to www.lwml.org.

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