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Worship Services and Communion Plans - Updated 4/4/20

A message from Pastor Mark Kleckner regarding worship during these uncertain times:

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has extended the Coronavirus/CoVid-19 restrictions on public gatherings until April 30. Therefore, Mt. Olive Lutheran Church will continue to offer worship services only online until that date or the date when such restrictions are finally lifted by the Governor.


 This coming week is Holy Week. Our online recorded services will be available as follows:


  • Maundy Thursday - 6:30pm, Th 04/09

  • Good Friday - 6:30pm, Fr 04/10

  • Easter Sunday - 11:59pm, Sat 04/11


Please note: Once any of our service recordings are posted online they will be available to be viewed or re-viewed at any time thereafter. You needn't watch them exactly at the release time. There are two options to access the recordings. (1) Go the church and school Facebook page @molcsdsm or https://www.facebook.com/molcsdsm/ and look for recent video posts, OR (2) go to  https://molcs.org/church/, click on "Sermons and Media" and select the one you want to watch, or follow this LINK to the same location


In the weeks following Easter, the weekend service will be available online as of 5:00pm each Saturday.


There will be an order of service in PDF format posted online at least 3 hours prior to the release time for the service recording. A link to the service order will be found in the news section on the homepage of the church's website. If you have a computer printer, you will be able to print off the service order on regular letter-sized paper.

Important updated information about drive-through communion:

     Our Lord and Savior Jesus has earned salvation for each of us, that is, the forgiveness of our sins, the working of the Holy Spirit, saving faith, and eternal life -- a never-ending relationship with God that nothing, not even death, can ever end. These gifts God delivers to us by way of His Means of Grace -- His Word of the Gospel and His Sacraments: Baptism, Holy Absolution, and the Lord's Supper.
          During this time of the Coronavirus and the CoVid-19 pandemic, we have been told to keep our physical distance from one another at 6' or more. We have also been told not to gather in groups of more than 10 people. This has meant that we have had to move our worship services online. Through the use of such technology we are still able to receive God’s gifts through His Word, as well as Confession and Absolution. However, the physical Sacraments, such as Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, are not able to be used online. They can only be done in the physical presence of one another. So, during times such as these, do we simply have to forego the blessings and comfort of the Lord’s Supper in order to stay safe? 

     Because many people find the Supper a great comfort especially in times of threat or danger Mt. Olive has decided to offer the Lord’s Supper on a drive through basis at 5:00 pm Saturday, April 4, and 9:00 am Sunday, April 5. In order to make God’s gifts and benefits available, while at the same time minimizing the risks of inadvertently spreading the coronavirus, we are going to be using the following steps:
     1. Please drive into Mt. Olive’s east driveway; follow the cones or any other directions.
     2. NO ONE communing will be permitted to get out of their car. Just lower the driver’s window far enough to pass items in and out.
     3. Pastor Mark and any one assisting him will be masked and gloved.
     4. Anything that will be passed into a car will have been previously handled only with gloves, not bare hands.
     5. When your car enters the parking lot, Amy Scheiwe will receive any offering that you have brought. She will be touching only things that are coming out of a car and nothing entering a car.
     6. Kimberly Kleckner, will pass in to you a single use, half page service order which will not be passed on to anyone in another car
     7. Pastor Mark will lead you through the service order with you by way of the open window of your car. He will pass in to you the communion wafer(s) in paper cups.
     8. Elder Greg Scheiwe will pass in to you communion cups with the wine (grape juice will also be available, please ask).
     9. Kyria Kleckner will have a plastic waste tray into which you can place the used paper and plastic cups. She will not be touching anything that will be passed into your car.

    10. Once you have been communed, please exit the parking lot via the west driveway onto Franklin Avenue.

     While Pastor Mark and those assisting him will be within 6' of those communing, they will be outside your vehicle, maintaining air space open between you and them. Can we guarantee that no virus transmission is possible. NO. In this sin-fallen world nothing ever reaches that level of certainty. However, with the above outlined steps in place, we believe the probability or opportunity for any virus transmission has been vastly reduced. And, most importantly, the whole process will be bathed in prayer to our gracious God who has given us these gifts. He has the power to see that they are not used for harm, no matter what Satan may have in mind.
     We invite you to come and receive God’s blessings in this way. However, the gifts of God are never a matter of compulsion. If you feel uncomfortable in receiving the Lord’s Supper in this way, that’s okay, and God understands!

If the drive through communion works well, it will also be offered at 6:30pm on Maundy Thursday and at 9:00am on Easter Sunday. In the weeks after Easter, it is the present plan to offer drive through communion each Saturday and Sunday at the regular service times. Drive through communion will be weather dependent. It will not be offered if it is rainy or windy.


If you have prayer requests, please send them to Pastor Mark. You may email them to him at mark.kleckner@molcs.org. You may also text them to him on his cell phone at 515-721-4737. If you have need of his pastoral care, call him at ANYTIME on his cell phone number (Yes, even at 3:00am!)

Copies of the Portals of Prayer are available in the Little Free Library that is in the front yard at Mount Olive.


God's Blessings to you all!

Pastor Mark Kleckner


See cdc.gov for more information about COVID-19 and the steps you can take to keep yourself and others safe.

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